Preliminary Program

Below you will find the preliminary program for MPRGL Meeting 2020.

Day 1 | May 27, 2020 | MPRGL Meeting

Session 1

Participant Introductions.

1 minute per person: introduction, elevator pitch, who you are and where you are at with your group

Moderator: Sonja Vernes


Welcome and Update from the MPRGL Steering Board

Moderator: Juanma Vaquerizas

14:00 Coffee Break
14:15 New MPRGL introductory presentations (10 mins talks) – Part I

  • CPT – James McIver – “Ultrafast electrical probes of quantum materials” (MPI for Structure and Dynamics of Matter)
  • GSH- Maria Sapignoli – “AIming Toward the Future: Policing, Governance, and Artificial Intelligence” (MPI for Social Anthropology)
  • BMS – Christian Hilbe  – “The evolution of reciprocal cooperation” (MPI for Evolutionary Biology)

Moderator: Kathryn Fitzsimmons

15:15 Coffee Break
Session 2

MPRGL open discussions

(discussion of challenges, concerns, MPG support relating to running an MPRG)

Moderator: Edda Schulz

Minutes: Kathryn Fitzsimmons

17:00 Close

Day 2 | May 28, 2020 | MPRGL Meeting

Final Session

MPRGL section group discussion and elections

(in breakout rooms for each section)

09:00 New MPRGL introductory presentations (10 mins talks) – Part II

  • GSH- Andrea Martin – “What language can tells us about how information is represented in the brain”(MPI for Psycholinguistics)
  • CPT -“Light, sound, action – harnessing light-sound interactions in microscale waveguides” Birgit Stiller (MPI for the Science of Light)
  • BMS – Kerstin Göpfrich – “DNA nanotechnology for synthetic cell assembly” (MPI for Medical Research)

Moderator: Edda Schulz

10:00 Coffee Break
10:15 Scouting officers panel

  • Henning Hofmann (BMS)
  • Marion Cerri (CPTS)
  • Peter Haffke (GSH)

Moderator: Kathryn Fitzsimmons

Minutes: Sonja Vernes


Open round table on issues facing MPRGLs,

and items for follow up in 2020

Moderator: Sonja Vernes

Minutes: Edda Schulz

12:30 Outlook and farewells